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Is There Anything You Guys Could Do about That?

Concerned mother on phone: My son just informed me that the room deposits are due tomorrow.
Secretary: Yes.
Mother: But I’m in Germany, and if I mailed in the money it would take two weeks.
Secretary: Your son could pay with a debit card or cash.
Mother: I gave him a debit card and he lost it.
Secretary: Uh-huh.
Mother: … My son is a goddamned idiot.


Why Do You Say That, Pedro?

Ditzy CSR: Sketchy restaurants have the best burritos.
Busy coworker: Uh-huh.
Ditzy CSR: Because if it's not sketchy, it's not Mexican.
Busy coworker: Yeah… Uh… You should really reconsider your phrasing.

Boston, Massachusetts

Sshh! Here It Comes!

Boss to employee: This person's navel looks abnormally large.

Chicago, Illinois

Overheard by: Ronni