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If I Don’t Give You the Visual, You’ll Never Learn

Cube guy #1: Wow, that girl with Tina* is hot. Who is she?
Cube guy #2: That’s her daughter.
Cube guy #1: Damn, man! Why isn’t she my daughter?
Cube guy #2: What does that mean?
Cube guy #1: I dunno. I meant–
Cube guy #2: –Dude, that means you’d have to sleep with–
Cube guy #1: –I know, I know, I’m sorry! Messed up… You didn’t have to give me the visual.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Overheard by: Cube Guru

Skipped School to Watch Monty Python

Office radio just played ‘High Hopes,’ by Frank Sinatra.

Flaky girl: What’s a ‘rubber tree plant’? Is it, like, a plant made of rubber, or a plant you get rubber from?
Yuppie girl: It’s a Rubber. Tree. Plant. So, like, a plant-tree.
Flaky girl: What’s that?
Yuppie girl: Like, a baby tree.
Flaky girl: So, a baby tree is a plant?
Yuppy girl: Well, it’s like how a baby duck is a duckling. It’s not really a duck.
Flaky girl: So, a baby is not really a human?
Yuppie girl: So it would be easy for the ant to move it.

St. Kilda Road
Melbourne, Victoria

Overheard by: I Dont Have Very High Hopes For These Two