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No Thanks– I Have Them on Speed Di­al.

CSR to friend: So ap­par­ent­ly my lym­phede­ma makes me more like­ly to get can­cer in the fu­ture…
Boss, in­ter­rupt­ing: That’s a re­lief. Not that I’d wish can­cer on you. More the fact that you’re more like­ly to get it than me. I like that sort of news. We need more of that around here! (walks off).
CSR’s friend: Here’s HR’s num­ber.


Over­heard by: Try­ing to hide

Um, That’s My Ear.

Boss to un­der­ling: What hap­pened to the side of your head?

Hol­land, Michi­gan

Or Mak­ing Them Spicy

Yup­pie mom on cell: I mean, I swear — Amer­i­ca is turn­ing in­to, like, old-school Rus­sia. You know, with like, the Gaz­pa­cho run­ning around killing peo­ple.

Whole Foods
Seat­tle, Wash­ing­ton

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