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Why Work­places Should Have Prin­ci­pals’ Of­fices

Short woman whis­per­ing to self, as tall man holds door for her: Shit. Un­be­liev­able. [Tall man stares at her.]Tall man, to an­oth­er woman: You know, she did this to me once be­fore. I had to ride the el­e­va­tor with her mut­ter­ing to her­self about me un­til an­oth­er el­e­va­tor opened across the hall and she ran away in­to it. [Con­tin­ues star­ing at short woman un­til el­e­va­tor stops.]Short woman, yelling as ex­its the el­e­va­tor: Maybe it’s be­cause you smell!
Oth­er woman: Well, aren’t you a charm­ing thing. [Doors shut.]

330 7th Av­enue
New York, New York

Over­heard by: Dirty Li­brar­i­an