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Read­er Chal­lenge: Take Your Of­fice Mary Out to Lunch

Boss: Have you fixed that in­voice?
Min­ion: Yeah! It was to­tal­ly mag­i­cal — Mary* thinks I’m awe­some, and she’s go­ing to do some stuff in the sys­tem and the in­voice will be fixed!
Boss: So, we’re get­ting paid?
Min­ion: Yeah! Mag­i­cal Mary will fix it, I’ll send it out, and we’ll get paid! Hooray for every­one!

200 Har­ry S. Tru­man Park­way
An­napo­lis, Mary­land

Over­heard by: Ri­ca

Guess Which One’s Pret­ty

Guy cowork­er: So I know af­ter they’ve wiped out the rest of my truck, these thieves are think­ing, “We can even steal these $3 sun­glass­es and pawn them for at least a por­tion of a rock!“
Girl cowork­er: Rocks are free, dum­b­ass!

Lewisville, Texas

Over­heard by: en­ter­tained by oth­ers’ ig­no­rance

3PM Cof­fee Break

Copy­writer: Were you look­ing for me?
De­sign­er: Sor­ry?
Copy­writer: Be­fore, when I was in that meeting…it looked like you were look­ing for me.
De­sign­er: Ah…Where I walked over, sighed, and de­clared “Tragedy”; I was ac­tu­al­ly look­ing for the cof­fee. The win­dow to your meet­ing room just hap­pened to be be­hind the ma­chine. You guys have bet­ter cof­fee than our side.

12655 Beat­rice Street
Los An­ge­les, Cal­i­for­nia

Num­ber One or Two?

Two fe­males are talk­ing back and forth in the one fe­male’s of­fice. The third fe­male, who had been gone for a while on va­ca­tion en­ters the of­fice. They all greet when the head la­dy says:
“we’re talk­ing im­por­tant mat­ters right now… Por­ta pot­ties!”

Quin­cy Uni­ver­si­ty Of­fice of Ad­vance­ment, 1800 Col­lege Ave, Quin­cy, Illi­nois, 62301

Over­heard by: Lorene

His Wife’s Rap Name

Fe­male cowork­er: So…I heard you got mar­ried over the week­end.
Male cowork­er: Yes, I did.
Fe­male cowork­er (eye­ing his ring): Oooh, I love white gold! Very nice. Did you have them en­graved?
Male cowork­er: Yes, in fact we both got iden­ti­cal in­scrip­tions.
Fe­male cowork­er (gush­ing): Oh, that’s so romantic…what do they say?
Male cowork­er: “14k.”

Irv­ing, Texas

Over­heard by: The Bone­saw