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Reader Challenge: Take Your Office Mary Out to Lunch

Boss: Have you fixed that invoice?
Minion: Yeah! It was totally magical — Mary* thinks I’m awesome, and she’s going to do some stuff in the system and the invoice will be fixed!
Boss: So, we’re getting paid?
Minion: Yeah! Magical Mary will fix it, I’ll send it out, and we’ll get paid! Hooray for everyone!

200 Harry S. Truman Parkway
Annapolis, Maryland

Overheard by: Rica

Guess Which One's Pretty

Guy coworker: So I know after they've wiped out the rest of my truck, these thieves are thinking, “We can even steal these $3 sunglasses and pawn them for at least a portion of a rock!”
Girl coworker: Rocks are free, dumbass!

Lewisville, Texas

Overheard by: entertained by others' ignorance

3PM Coffee Break

Copywriter: Were you looking for me?
Designer: Sorry?
Copywriter: Before, when I was in that meeting…it looked like you were looking for me.
Designer: Ah…Where I walked over, sighed, and declared “Tragedy”; I was actually looking for the coffee. The window to your meeting room just happened to be behind the machine. You guys have better coffee than our side.

12655 Beatrice Street
Los Angeles, California

Number One or Two?

Two females are talking back and forth in the one female's office. The third female, who had been gone for a while on vacation enters the office. They all greet when the head lady says:
"we're talking important matters right now… Porta potties!"

Quincy University Office of Advancement, 1800 College Ave, Quincy, Illinois, 62301

Overheard by: Lorene

His Wife's Rap Name

Female coworker: So…I heard you got married over the weekend.
Male coworker: Yes, I did.
Female coworker (eyeing his ring): Oooh, I love white gold! Very nice. Did you have them engraved?
Male coworker: Yes, in fact we both got identical inscriptions.
Female coworker (gushing): Oh, that's so romantic…what do they say?
Male coworker: “14k.”

Irving, Texas

Overheard by: The Bonesaw