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How to Get 25 Hours Out of Your Day

Old la­dy to an­oth­er: Some­times when I’m out in the gar­den and I have to go, in­stead of walk­ing all the way to the bath­room I just go in my pants and drop them in the wash­ing ma­chine on the way in­side.


Over­heard by: Dis­gust­ed in Stall #1

They Could Call Me Pe­ter Dust-Pan

Re­cep­tion­ist: You know He-Man and how when he lifts his sword he gets a sud­den jolt of steroids?
Styl­ist: Yeah.
Re­cep­tion­ist: Well, would­n’t it be awe­some if I could lift the broom and be­come a broom god?!
Styl­ist: Um, no.

Bar­ber shop
No­blesville, In­di­ana