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I'm Just Excited Because My Shipment Arrived from Colombia

Kind supervisor: I just wanted to ask you to lower your voice a little bit. You must have gotten some good news on the phone, but you were a little rambunctious with the language. I think you said (whispering) “shit” three times during that call.
Embarrassed secretary: You ask so little of me, and I still can't do it. I mean, who has to tell a grown woman not to yell “shit” in a crowded office?

Government Office
Tampa, Florida

I'm For Same-Sex Sandwiches!

<b>vp:</b> you're brave for bringing a chick-fil-a bag into the office.
<b>president:</b> what? Why?
<b>vp:</b> apparently the founder is openly anti gay marriage and donates to anti-gay causes.
<b>president:</b> of for fuck's sake… (yells to the rest of the office) I'm not against gay marriage, I just wanted a fucking chicken sandwich, okay?

Fort Mill, SC