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Lady to guy: Hey, were you just on vacation?
Guy: No.
Lady: Oh… Well, you look tan!
Guy: Yeah, I've just been reading Harry Potter on my deck every evening.


1PM Following Up on Fax

Admin on phone: I’m sorry I just wanted to double check that you received it. I am a bit of a wigger.
Admin: Wigger? You know, I wig out about stuff.
Admin: No, I don’t know another meaning to the word wigger, but I guess it’s bad since your’re telling me not to say it.

333 Earle Boulevard
Uniondale, New York

Just Easily Distracted. Look — a Bug!

Accountant: It was my son’s first day of second grade, and it took him two hours to do his homework.
Sales rep: Awww, poor guy. What kind of homework?
Accountant: It was a word search…
Sales rep: [Silence.]Accountant: But he’s not stupid or anything.

2100 Lafayette Street