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Me, Too

Man­ag­er: What is this crud?
HR clerk: Hey, I did the best I could do on that re­port. Short no­tice, no­body would co­op­er­ate, and you changed your mind every five min­utes.
Man­ag­er: Huh? I was talk­ing about this stuff I stepped in!

Pearl, Mis­sis­sip­pi

Over­heard by: brain danc­ing

You Had to Be There

Work­er #1: You know, Win­ston Churchill was re­al­ly my hero. He did so much amaz­ing stuff, even be­fore he was fa­mous for the war and every­thing. He won the No­bel Prize for lit­er­a­ture, you know.
Work­er #2: Oh, re­al­ly?
Work­er #1: Be­cause he al­ways had the best way of phras­ing things. Like, for ex­am­ple, this is my fa­vorite one: “When the go­ing gets tough, keep go­ing!”

Fair­field Coun­ty, Con­necti­cut

…Then Click My “Un­do” But­ton

Fe­male cowork­er: Aww, man! I just lost every­thing I was typ­ing!
male cowork­er comes to her desk and fix­es it)
Fe­male cowork­er: Wow!! That’s amaz­ing, how did you do that?
Male cowork­er: I’m a ge­nie! All you got­ta do is rub me the right way.

Raleigh, North Car­oli­na