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Me, Too

Manager: What is this crud?
HR clerk: Hey, I did the best I could do on that report. Short notice, nobody would cooperate, and you changed your mind every five minutes.
Manager: Huh? I was talking about this stuff I stepped in!

Pearl, Mississippi

Overheard by: brain dancing

You Had to Be There

Worker #1: You know, Winston Churchill was really my hero. He did so much amazing stuff, even before he was famous for the war and everything. He won the Nobel Prize for literature, you know.
Worker #2: Oh, really?
Worker #1: Because he always had the best way of phrasing things. Like, for example, this is my favorite one: “When the going gets tough, keep going!”

Fairfield County, Connecticut

…Then Click My “Undo” Button

Female coworker: Aww, man! I just lost everything I was typing!
male coworker comes to her desk and fixes it)
Female coworker: Wow!! That's amazing, how did you do that?
Male coworker: I'm a genie! All you gotta do is rub me the right way.

Raleigh, North Carolina