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1PM Lunch

Employee #1: What are you doing? Catching up on your celebrity gossip?
Employee #2: Scientology today, actually.
Employee #1: I’ll join if you join!
Employee #3: Already a member.
Middle Manager: All of you shut up. Trying to have a silent birth over here.

3810 Wabash Drive
Mira Loma, California

Overheard by: Office Derelict

Carrie Canyon Set the Bar Pretty High

Old drone #1: In my father's day all the men used to get in a circle and measure each other.
Old drone #2: Well, women do that stuff all the time.
Young drone: What?
Old drone #2: Yeah, don't you be askin' your girlfriends if somethin makes your boobs or butt look big?
Young drone: Yeah, but we don't sit there and see who has the biggest vagina. Gross!
Old drone #2: Yeah, well, you wouldn't want to win that contest.

Delran, New Jersey

Overheard by: Bruce Banner