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Got­ta Pray to Play

Fe­male pe­on #1: It’s so hard to go out, nev­er mind find a new guy. My ex and I both grew up in Ran­dolph, so we know every­one. I can’t go any­where with­out him or his friends be­ing there.
Fe­male pe­on #2: You should come to The Jug with me. I know plen­ty of guys your age.
Boss: You want to meet guys in a bar? You should get a nice guy from church.
Fe­male pe­on #2: Are you sug­gest­ing that we work the church?

Avon, Mass­a­chu­setts

Over­heard by: Fae

Who’s in There with You?

CSR to cowork­er: Sor­ry, too much head to­day. (pause) I mean, too much in my head to­day.


Oh Regi­nald, Hold Me!

Cus­tomer: It has been freez­ing on me while I use it. I tried to check for virus­es but I don’t have those priv­i­leges.
Tech sup­port: I checked and it does­n’t have any virus­es. Is it still freez­ing now?