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9AM Back to the Farm

Project Man­ag­er: I hate these cu­bi­cles. Oh wait, they are not cu­bi­cles any­more. What are we sup­posed to call them? Cof­fices?
Field Man­ag­er: I like veal pens or of­fi­cles.

85 E Street
South Port­land, Maine

Over­heard by: bri­an brine­gar

Um­mm, What Were We Talk­ing About?

Man­ag­er: How could you let this hap­pen?
Clerk: I for­got.
Man­ag­er: You for­got? How could you for­get? It’s so hard to for­get! It’s easy to re­mem­ber and hard to for­get! Re­mem­ber that! Haven’t you ever for­got­ten some­thing and you tried to re­mem­ber it? That’s how easy it is to re­mem­ber!

1618 Main St.
Dal­las, Texas

Over­heard by: Yd­nas