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12PM Reserve Car

Coworker #1: Are these car rental coupons good in Hawaii?
Coworker #2: I dunno, it says it’s good in the United States.
Coworker #1: Is Hawaii part of the United States?
Coworker #2: Hey, is Hawaii part of the United States?
Coworker #3: …What? Are you serious?
Coworker #2: Yeah, you know, like is Canada part of the US?
Coworker #3: Canada is a completely different country.
Coworker #2: I asked you about Hawaii you fool!

120 Providence Road
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

But It’s Important to Our Relationship That I Share Inappropriate Facts About Her

Newbie: So Diane* is the one with dirty blonde hair?
Seasoned worker: I don’t think they like the term “dirty.“
Newbie: Oh yeah, my girlfriend kinda likes being called “dirty.“
Seasoned worker: I meant the hair color.
Newbie: I know!

Inverness Work Plex
Denver, Colorado

Change Sucks.

Trainer: So, we used to be called the self-help department, but now it’s the self-services department. Before, we helped customers to help themselves. I guess now we help customers to um, service themselves.

Austin, Texas

4PM Work on Report

Office worker: I need to talk to you about this report you mentioned.
Manager: No, we can’t talk about this now, not till tomorrow.
Office worker: Yes, but it’s due tomorr–
Manager: No, no, no! Now is not the time to talk about it. Tomorrow is.
Office worker: But–
Manager: Tomorrow. Goodbye. 

39 Murray Street
Hobart, Tasmania