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Skipped School to Watch Mon­ty Python

Of­fice ra­dio just played ‘High Hopes,’ by Frank Sina­tra.

Flaky girl: What’s a ‘rub­ber tree plant’? Is it, like, a plant made of rub­ber, or a plant you get rub­ber from?
Yup­pie girl: It’s a Rub­ber. Tree. Plant. So, like, a plant-tree.
Flaky girl: What’s that?
Yup­pie girl: Like, a ba­by tree.
Flaky girl: So, a ba­by tree is a plant?
Yup­py girl: Well, it’s like how a ba­by duck is a duck­ling. It’s not re­al­ly a duck.
Flaky girl: So, a ba­by is not re­al­ly a hu­man?
Yup­pie girl: So it would be easy for the ant to move it.

St. Kil­da Road
Mel­bourne, Vic­to­ria

Over­heard by: I Dont Have Very High Hopes For These Two

Though I Could Al­so Pic­ture David Duchovny Say­ing It

New part­ner, open­ing mail: Oh, it’s my gold card. Won­der what’s the dif­fer­ence be­tween this and a reg­u­lar Amex.
Smart-ass IT guy: Well, it cre­ates a grav­i­ta­tion­al anom­aly when you whip it out in high-end restau­rants, caus­ing all the girls’ panties to hit the floor.
New part­ner: I could have asked a thou­sand peo­ple that ques­tion, on­ly you would have giv­en that an­swer.