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Kids! How Many Things Can You Find Wrong with This Quote!

In­tern #1: Sor­ry, I can’t go out tonight. I have to get a tat­too.
In­tern #2: Oh, what are you get­ting?
In­tern #1: This proverb: “time wast­ed can nev­er be re­claimed.“
In­tern #2: That’s deep.
In­tern #1: Yeah, it was be­tween that and a lol­lipop on my hand. But I did a Twit­ter poll and they vot­ed on the proverb.

Man­hat­tan, New York

Over­heard by: Han­ly

4PM Run, Run, All the Way Home

Work­er #1: Oh, damn! Would you look at that? I have on two dif­fer­ent pair of shoes.
Work­er #2: You’re just now re­liz­ing that? The day’s al­most over with…what a dum­b­ass!
Work­er #1: Yeah what­ev­er, maybe I’ll switch them out to­mor­row. At least they are the same col­or.

210 Main Street
Dal­las, Geor­gia

2PM Send in Do­na­tion

Of­fice Work­er: He was like, “I spent a long time fill­ing out these forms, so you bas­tards had bet­ter do­nate to the com­bined fed­er­al cam­paign.”

2 Mass­a­chu­setts Av­enue NE
Wash­ing­ton, DC