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3PM Assigning Personnel

Account manager: Hey, [the customer] wants us to come in and make a presentation. Are you available to come with me next week?
Sales director: No. What I’m planning to do is to put together an entire project team — sales, marketing, engineering, quality, manufacturing, maybe even finance. I want to show that we have a comprehensive cross-functional team in place, so that we look like we know what we’re doing, no matter that the customer asks.
Account manager: That sounds great. Who else is gonna be on the team?
Sales director: Well, it looks like just me and you for now. Ask me again next month.

28100 Cabot Drive
Novi, Michigan

Or at Least Faking a Seizure?

Female paralegal: I was in the bank the other day and I saw this cop — oh my god, he was so gorgeous. I wanted to hold up the bank just to get his attention.
Male lawyer: Ever think of saying hello?

Cafeteria, Supreme Court
Nassau County, New York

Overheard by: Big Larry