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Lie Down With Cats, Wake Up With Kit­tens, I Sup­pose

Girl in copy room to cowork­er: So, yeah, I was run­ning late this morn­ing be­cause I had to throw away a cat.
Cowork­er: That sucks. Your boobs look good in that shirt, though.
Girl in copy room: Hey, thanks!

Beau­mont, Texas

But the Odds Must Be Big­ger

As­sis­tant: This Ru­bik’s cube is a lit­tle hard­er than this one.
Man­ag­er: Ac­tu­al­ly they’re the same, one’s just small­er.
As­sis­tant: Yeah, but this one’s hard­er to solve…
Man­ag­er: No, I mean math­e­mat­i­cal­ly it’s ex­act­ly the same.

2301 M Street, NW
Wash­ing­ton, DC

Over­heard by: To­bias