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3PM Covering All the Bases

Employee: We just need the style guide to spell out everything, in complete detail. It’s mainly for like, legal reasons; to cover our bases.
Intern trainee: Oh. So I guess it’s like how blow-dryer labels say “do not put in mouth while in use.” Not like it’s a pressing issue, but there’s always that one retard that’s gonna fuck shit up.
Employee: Uh…sure.
Intern: OK, cool. As long as I’m getting this.

777 San Marin Drive
Novato, California

Overheard by: Max Guevara

Just Go Reread That Last Line

Co-worker #1: After work I need to go to…to…that place where you take your mail to?
Co-worker #2: The post office?
Co-worker #1: No…The ups store.
Co-worker #2: You mean the UPS store.
Co-worker #1: I think so.

1225 State Street
Erie, Pennsylvania