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Some­times a Box Pun Quote Just Makes Our Day

Fe­male old­er ad­min: That’s not my box.
Male su­per­vi­sor: Well, it was list­ed as yours.
Fe­male old­er ad­min: Not my box. Not my box.
Male su­per­vi­sor: Well, maybe Kate just thought it looked like yours.
Fe­male old­er ad­min: Nope. (pause) I am still miss­ing my box. That is not my box.
Male su­per­vi­sor: Hm­mm, Car­o­line was miss­ing her box too, maybe this is her box. (loud­er) Hey Car­o­line, what does your box look like?
Car­o­line: What?
Fe­male old­er ad­min, un­der breath: Not my box.

Brook­lyn Cen­ter, Min­neso­ta

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Once You Try a Gi­ant Mu­tat­ed Rat Sen­sei, You Nev­er Go Back

La­dy pe­on #1: Have you been fol­low­ing this e‑mail chain? Derek* wrote that he was go­ing to send his nin­ja friends af­ter her, and Karen* wrote back, ‘Which ones? Leonar­do or Do­natel­lo?’ Then Derek replied, ‘Splin­ter.‘
La­dy pe­on #2: I love Splin­ter!
La­dy pe­on #1: Yeah, me too. That’s what I was go­ing to write back to them.

555 West Mon­roe Street
Chica­go, Illi­nois

Love All

Project man­ag­er: Man, my part­ner nailed me in the ass last night! [Shocked cowork­ers stare.] Ten­nis… We were play­ing dou­bles ten­nis!

At­lanta, Geor­gia

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Ms. Kaling Has a Hard Time Fit­ting in with the Male Writ­ers.

Cu­bi­cle work­er #1, slam­ming some­thing on desk: A big cock­roach just crawled across my desk.
Cu­bi­cle work­er #2: Yeah, these were the desks with the roach prob­lem.
Cu­bi­cle work­er #1: Roach prob­lem?
Cu­bi­cle work­er #2: It’s all Mindy’s fault.

Ar­ling­ton, Texas