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Tell You What — Half Price for You. You Can Give the Six Dol­lars to Me

Girl #1: Um­mm, we need to make copies, and we don’t want to spend a lot of mon­ey.
Stu­dent work­er: The copi­er over there is 10 cents, same as every­where on cam­pus.
Girl #1: That’s so ex­pen­sive!
Stu­dent work­er: You could al­so scan the pa­pers and print them out. That’s free.
Girl #1: What do you mean?
Stu­dent work­er: Um­mm, you can put them on the scan­ner, hit ‘Scan,’ and then when they pop up, hit ‘Print.‘
Girl #1: I don’t know about this whole scan­ning thing — it sounds re­al­ly com­pli­cat­ed.
Girl #2: But that sounds bet­ter than mak­ing copies. I mean, we on­ly need 12, and I don’t want to spend 12 dol­lars.

Cam­pus li­brary, Be­mid­ji State Uni­ver­si­ty
Be­mid­ji, Min­neso­ta

Chicks Get All the Cool Med­ical Ex­cus­es

Fe­male of­fice work­er: My moth­er’s hav­ing surgery to re­move a tu­mor in her breast to­day, so count me out for the lunch meet­ing, I’m go­ing to wait for a phone call on her con­di­tion.
Male of­fice work­er (un­com­fort­ably): Uh, I hope she’s ok. Have you heard from Chris to­day?
Fe­male of­fice work­er: No, he’s com­ing in, right?
Male of­fice work­er: As far as I know, hope he does­n’t have breast can­cer.

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New York City, New York