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Cream or Lemon? The Con­tro­ver­sy Con­tin­ues.

Of­fice la­dy #1: So it’s ac­tu­al­ly a re­al word?
Of­fice la­dy #2: Yes, look it up on­line in ur­ban dic­tio­nary. It’s a re­al word.
Of­fice la­dy #1: But how is it even pos­si­ble? Is it re­al­ly like what it sounds?
Of­fice la­dy #2: Yes, just as you do it in your tea, you do it the same way, that’s why it’s called “tea bag­ging.”

Man­hat­tan, New York

Okay Fine, It Was Pa­per­work, Okay?

De­liv­ery guy: When I got out of the Air Force I thought I was done with pa­per­work, but it looks like I’m des­tined to do pa­per­work.
Re­cep­tion­ist, un­in­ter­est­ed: Oh, re­al­ly?
De­liv­ery guy: Yeah, but most of my time in the Air Force I can’t talk about.
Re­cep­tion­ist: Uh-huh.
De­liv­ery guy: It’s top se­cret stuff.
Re­cep­tion­ist: Oh, okay.
De­liv­ery guy: Can’t talk about it.
Re­cep­tion­ist: So don’t.

Austin, Texas

Over­heard by: Wa­by