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I Tried Putting a Flop­py in Her Once…Nothing

Com­put­er guy #1: I can’t see the hard dri­ve on this net­work.
Com­put­er guy #2: Well, the prob­lem is that the disk is­n’t mount­ed. First you have to mount Claire*.
Claire: Hey!
Com­put­er guy #2: Claire is the name of the of­fice hard dri­ve.

701 South Mount Ver­non Av­enue
San Bernardi­no, Cal­i­for­nia

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It’s Just a Lit­tle Ex­cit­ed, That’s All

Nurse #1: Well, then what in the hell is the dif­fer­ence be­tween a three­some and a gang­bang? Are there spe­cif­ic rules?
Nurse #2: I guess… I tried it with my boyfriend and my room­mate once…
Sick­ly pa­tient: Ex­cuse me… Is my IV sup­posed to be leak­ing?

Emer­gency Room
St. Louis, Mis­souri