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They Play “Jig­gle Bells”

Boss to chub­by young fe­male cowork­er: Hey, why are you jin­gling?
Chub­by young fe­male co-work­er (af­ter brief pause): Umm, be­cause I’m fat.
Boss (hor­ri­fied): Wait… What?! No, no, not “jig­gle” …jin­gle!
Chub­by young fe­male cowork­er (laugh­ing): Oooooooh! (lifts up foot and gives it a shake) I have lit­tle bells on my socks!

New Mar­ket, Mary­land

If We Can Watch

Man­ag­er #1: Time for the meet­ing.
Man­ag­er #2: Can I just tie a fuck­ing bag of stray cats over my head in­stead?

Cir­cle Cen­tre Mall
In­di­anapo­lis, In­di­ana

Over­heard by: Shat­man­du