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Does No One Learn Anything from Our Website?

My manager on the letters he recieved on his myers bridd test: "that's just my p-ness coming out"

Market St, San Francisco

Red. …No, Wait. Blue!

Customer service: Thank you for calling us, how can I help you?
Patriotic driver: I have a question about my policy.
Customer service: Alright, I'd be happy to answer that for you. Is this a personal or commercial policy?
Patriotic driver: American.
Customer service: Ooooookay, let's start with your policy number.

Richmond, Virginia

Colorado: It’s Out of This World (Allegedly)

Worker #1: Oh, didn’t I tell you I’m moving to Colorado?
Worker #2: Really? When?
Worker #1: I leave next week, but I decided I would move to Colorado when I was six. That’s when I heard John Denver sing “Rocky Mountain High.”
Worker #2: That’s why you’re moving to Colorado?
Worker #1: Well, and because it’s so hot here because of all the global warming going on. You know, they don’t have that in Colorado.

Fairfield County, Connecticut

Overheard by: she actually is moving