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… She Was Telling Me a Pointless Story.

Eager peon: Did I tell you I had a dream about Whoopi? It’s so funny, because — and you’ll find this funny — it’s so weird, I promise you. I had this dream with Whoopi, I guess because she’s on The View now, and I had this the weekend before she was on The View, and I had this dream that it was just me and Whoopi and we were all alone–
Coworker, interrupting: –I had a dream about your mom.

Atlanta, Georgia

How Does One Judge a Kegel Exercise Contest?

Woman #1: Maybe it fell out because her vagina had no…tone.
Woman #2: What?
Woman #3: Right, no Kegel’s.
Woman #2: What?
Woman #1: Right, you are supposed to do Kegel’s all day.
Woman #2: Since when?
Woman #1: From when you are 20. Or have a lot of sex.
Woman #3: I’d rather have a lot of sex than do Kegel’s, but I do them, too.
Woman #2: What? My vagina is fine without either one. Don’t tell my husband that, either.
Woman #3: You’ll be sorry when you are older.
Woman #1: You never did Kegel’s? We used to have contests at my other job.

Only man in the meeting walks in.

Woman #2: Well! What do men have to do?
Woman #3, smiling sweetly: Nothing. Men are perfect.

Bergen County, New Jersey

If Our Customers Won’t Behave, We Fire Them

VP on phone with angry customer: Well, I’m sorry that nobody has been here to take your calls or return your messages yet. We’ve been busy in the office lately… Yes, I understand it’s frustrating, but we’re doing all we can… Okay, look Larry*, look — the reason nobody’s here whenever you call is because we just got caller ID last week, and everybody ignores you because nobody wants to deal with you because you’re an asshole… Yeah, I heard you were a real piece of work to our receptionist… You’re an asshole! Yeah? Well, I don’t care if we have your business anymore. Asshole!

Beltsville, Maryland

Overheard by: The abused receptionist