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At the Greenpeace Prosthetic Whale Penis Factory

Male coworker #1: Well, we played with it enough, it's not hanging out as much.
Male supervisor: Yeah, if you beat on it enough, eventually these things go in.
(uncomfortable silence)
Male supervisor: Do you think I could go see it?
Male coworker #2: Yeah, just make sure you don't pull on it!

Richland, Washington

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Minneapolis' Dedicated German-American Sex Workers

Office gal #1: Yeah, cause we usually have them all laid out: who we're gonna do, and when.
Office gal #2: We usually do them Tuesdays and Wednesdays, right Anne?
Office gal #1: Yeah, we do it Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.
Office gal #2: How many are there to do?
Office gal #1: Eight.
Office gal #2: So that's two each to do. Do we know who's doing who yet?
Office gal #1: No, that's why she's upset, we don't have them laid out.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

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