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To Be Fair, Even Gay Men Love My Breasts.

Suit #1: I saw a show where the cook made food out of his wife’s breast milk. Then he gave it to people to taste. That’s weird.
Suit #2: Not really weird. Humans drink breast milk. People like breasts and will always be on the hunt for breasts – even when they’re as young as babies!

Jersey City, New Jersey

Overheard by: Hobo Whisperer

Cream or Lemon? The Controversy Continues.

Office lady #1: So it’s actually a real word?
Office lady #2: Yes, look it up online in urban dictionary. It’s a real word.
Office lady #1: But how is it even possible? Is it really like what it sounds?
Office lady #2: Yes, just as you do it in your tea, you do it the same way, that’s why it’s called “tea bagging.”

Manhattan, New York