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You Peo­ple De­served the Bush Ad­min­is­tra­tion

Lib­er­al cube dweller #1: I have so much to cel­e­brate next week. My sis­ter’s birth­day and the an­niver­sary of Roe v. Wade.
Lib­er­al cube dweller #2: You cel­e­brate that?
Lib­er­al cube dweller #1: Yes, I ab­solute­ly do.
Lib­er­al cube dweller #2: What kind of cake do you get?
Lib­er­al cube dweller #1: A fe­tus cake.
Lib­er­al cube dweller #2: I have seen the fe­tus cook­ies, but I have nev­er seen a fe­tus cake.
Lib­er­al cube dweller #1: I’m kid­ding. Not about cel­e­brat­ing Roe v. Wade, but about hav­ing a fe­tus cake.
Lib­er­al cube dweller #2: I’d eat a fe­tus cake.

Al­bany, New York

Over­heard by: We are NOT Re­cep­tion

We Had Five, but We Re­turned One

Sales man­ag­er: I don’t think we can work with this guy.
Di­rec­tor: It was like 30 years ago, right?
Sales man­ag­er: Come on, he beat a two-year-old kid to death!
Di­rec­tor: Un­for­giv­able, I know. But you don’t have kids, so you don’t un­der­stand. I have four kids. There are times that I to­tal­ly see how that might be a rea­son­able thing to do.

Fort Mill, South Car­oli­na

Large and Cold and Be­nign?

Work­er #1: Did you vote?
Work­er #2: I can’t vote.
Work­er #1: Why not?
Work­er #2: I’m not a cit­i­zen.
Work­er #1: You’re from here, no?
Work­er #2: No, I’m from Cana­da.
Work­er #1: Oh… You don’t look like a Cana­di­an.

45 Rock­e­feller Cen­ter
New York, New York