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Any­body Else Won­der Why a Tech Com­pa­ny Still Us­es Fax­es?

Boss to as­sis­tant: What! I can’t be­lieve you sent a fax with a hand­writ­ten cov­er sheet!
As­sis­tant: Well, I thought that…
Boss, cut­ting her off an­gri­ly: And with pur­ple pen?
As­sis­tant: Uh… fax­es are black and white when they come out the oth­er side.
Boss, shak­ing head: Still…

Ann Ar­bor, Michi­gan

Over­heard by: Col­or blind…

Hero­in Chic Fi­nal­ly Ar­rives in Utah

“well, I ac­tu­al­ly like to stick things in­to my body.” said by team man­ag­er when some­one ex­pressed dis­dain about get­ting a flu shot.

2835 Deck­er Lake Dri­ve, Salt Lake City