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Or Be Safe­ly Dead

Work­er #1: Guys! I just heard! By 2050 there’s gonna be nine­ty bil­lion hu­mans. I hope we can feed every­one!
Work­er #2: Uh, I think that es­ti­mate is a bit high.
Work­er #1: No! They said it on the ra­dio, so it’s true. Maybe we can col­o­nize Mars by then, or some­thing…

Ur­bana, Illi­nois

You De­served That Look, Sweet­ie

Queer ad­min guy #1: They made an­oth­er round of changes, so I had to go out and get more binders. Those thick ones are re­al­ly ex­pen­sive, too.
Queer ad­min guy #2: What were they, four inch­es?
Queer ad­min guy #1: I got the three-inch ones, I think.
Straight ad­min girl: But is three inch­es enough? Do you think?
Queer ad­min guy #2: (gives her a look)
Straight ad­min girl: No! No no no no no!

Man­hat­tan, New York

Over­heard by: Scoot­er