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It’s Only a Paradox If You Intend to Do Any of That

Boss: So, the word from corporate is that we’re supposed to hang these on the windows as part of the new plan from Marketing?
Marketing assistant: Yeah.
Boss: But corporate service requirements say we’re not ever allowed to hang anything on any windows.
Marketing assistant: Right. Essentially, we have to figure out a way to put them on the windows without actually putting them on the windows.
Boss: Awesome.

West Creek Drive
Richmond, Virginia

Or Just Give You Noogies Until You Answer

Executive, referring to salesperson: What purpose does it serve to have her review these files?
Production manager: What purpose does it serve to have her work here?
Executive: Let me ask again. What’s the point of giving her these files?
Production manager: I’ll answer your question if you answer mine.

Houston, Texas

Overheard by: Art Dictator