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Haven't Been the Same Since I Fell In

Secretary #1: (transcribing from a dictaphone) <giggle>
Secretary #1: <giggle, giggle, giggle>
Secretary #1: <giggle, giggle, giggle>
Secretary #2: What’s so funny?
Secretary #1: <giggle, giggle, giggle> I’m transcribing this dictation and he’s talking about the sewer system and he keeps talking about going into manholes.
Secretary #2: So?
Secretary #1: Manholes – get it – manholes! He’s going into manholes!
Secretary #2: How old are you??????

327 S. Camino del Rio
Durango, CO

My Father’s Father is a Lesbian

Two maintenance guys arrive to vacuum a cubicle after part of the ceiling fell.

Maintenance guy, 40s: See, he’s what you’d call a male chauvinist pig. He thinks vacuuming is something that a woman should do. Now, I don’t look like no woman.
Maintenance guy, 20s: No, but you look like a dyke.
Maintenance guy, 40s: I look like a dyke?
Maintenance guy, 20s: Easy, Grandpa, easy!
Maintenance guy, 40s: Oh, I’m Grandpa now?

350 Madison Avenue
New York, NY