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I Had An…uh…Lobotomy, Re­dux

In a meet­ing: Providers on­ly ter­mi­nate their con­tracts for one of two rea­sons: Pay or Oth­er.

At a bar with a friend: You know, I was di­ag­nosed as a ge­nius as a child and I think that is why I don’t get along with her; I don’t get along with oth­er ge­nius­es. That is why I think you and I are such good friends.

In re­sponse to an email: Ya know, I have track­ing on this, and as usu­al, I am com­plete­ly em­bar­rassed.

[Bonus: found in cowork­er’s per­son­al ad: Things that turn me on: Thun­der­storms]

522 SW 5th
Port­land, Ore­gon

Over­heard by: Bre­an­na Free­man

Yes! An­oth­er Big Win for Strate­gic In­com­pe­tence!

Sales man­ag­er: Can you ship this to Kuwait for me or should I fill every­thing out be­fore­hand?
Mail room guy: Do you need it shipped over­seas?
Sales man­ag­er: Yes, to Kuwait.
Mail room guy: Is that over­seas?
Sales man­ag­er: It’s in the Mid­dle East!
Mail room guy: East Coast?
Sales man­ag­er: No, the Mid­dle East! It’s in­ter­na­tion­al.
Mail room guy: The East Coast is not in­ter­na­tion­al.
Sales man­ag­er: I’ll just do it my­self.

Louisville, Ken­tucky