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11AM Send Out Faxes

Assistant #1: I just accidentally punched that girl in the head by the fax machine.
Assistant #2: Good.
Assistant #1: Yeah, but then she said “Ow” all drawn out and gave me a nasty look.
Assistant #2: What a bitch.
Assistant #1: Quit squatting by the fax machine and I won’t punch you in the head.

233 Spring Street
New York, NY

Texas Law Is Pretty Clear That’s Illegal

Lady #1: So, I’ve joined a pottery class. It’s a group of people working in all different mediums. Everybody gets to make things according to their own artistic vision.
Lady #2, disgusted: Sounds very cultured.
Lady #1: Oh, no, haha — it’s not.

College and Park Street
Grapevine, Texas