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Its Melody Is Semi­sweet

Train­er: ‘Charis­mat­ic.’ That’s ono­matopoe­ic.
Em­ploy­ee: What?
Train­er: Ono­matopoe­ic. Like, when I say ‘choco­late,’ you can hear it.

Fen­kle Street

Over­heard by: Kaethe

12PM Lunch

Fe­male cowork­er: I went out with friends last night.
Male cowork­er #1: That lie again?
Male cowork­er #2 butting in: I thought I was the on­ly one who lied about hav­ing friends. We have so much in com­mon!
Male cowork­er #1: So, what about your hus­band? He did­n’t go out with you?
Fe­male cowork­er: That was­n’t my hus­band. That was a male es­cort I hired to pre­tend to be my hus­band.
Male cowork­er #2 butting in: See? I don’t have a hus­band ei­ther! That was just a male es­cort I hired! We have so much in com­mon.


Male cowork­er #1: Ok. You crossed a line with that one.

214 W 39th Street
New York, New York