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Well, My Body Has Pen Pals

Ko­re­an teacher: Do you have a boyfriend?
Eng­lish teacher: No.
Ko­re­an teacher: Don’t you get lone­ly?
Eng­lish teacher: Not re­al­ly.
Ko­re­an teacher: Does­n’t your… body get lone­ly?
Eng­lish teacher: Did you re­al­ly just say that?
Ko­re­an teacher: I’m not sex­u­al­ly ha­rass­ing you! My Eng­lish just is­n’t good!

South Ko­rea

12PM Lunch

Of­fice drone #1: So my new next door neigh­bor’s name is Aman­da and she has a 2‑year-old named Mer­cedes.
Of­fice drone #2: Good luck keep­ing that one off the pole.

15 Wash­ing­ton Av­enue
Brook­lyn, New York