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10AM Pay Renewal Fee

Accounting: You submitted a payment request for a renewal fee.
Peon: Yes.
Accounting: Can you find out how long the renewal term is for?
Peon: It says “annual renewal fee” on the invoice.
Accounting: Yeah, I saw that, but do you know when it’s valid until?
Peon: It says valid from October 31, 2005 on the invoice.
Accounting: Yeah, but can you make sure? You never know it could be for like two years or something.

3700 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, California

Science: I Said “I Don't Know!”

Ditzy blonde girl: "I often wonder about 'the afterlife' and if anything is there…"
Other lady: "I dont…"
Ditzy blonde: "well, you never really know do you?"
Other lady: "we do, science says no."

Cheshire, UK

Overheard by: Acubicleaway