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…What Do Auto Workers Have to Do with Anything?

Manager in charge of recruiting international students: We talked to a bunch of saudis.
Her boss, the global director: No, they were uaes.
Manager: Oh.

Penn State

Overheard by: Can find the US on a map

They're Both on Sale at Wal-Mart

Admin #1: I have to have my green tea to protect me from other people's colds!
Coworker: It's too early for cold season. Yes, do whatever it takes to stay healthy.
Admin #1: Yes, and I also like echinacea but dont have any.
Admin #2: Ah, I like euthanasia too.
Admin #2: Wait, what's the difference between euthanasia and echinacea anyways?

Fairfield County, Connecticut

…Here's a Telescope

Clueless customer: Hi, I'm looking for this book that I read a review about, I was wondering if you could help me.
Knows-the-drill employee: Okay, what's the title?
Clueless customer: I don't remember.
Knows-the-drill employee: Do you know who wrote it?
Clueless customer: No… I know that the book had a yellow cover, though.
Knows-the-drill employee: Okay, let's see what we can find here in yellow…

Mays Landing, New Jersey