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1PM Lunch

Co-work­er #1: Is that pump­kin cream cheese?
Co-work­er #2: I think so.
Co-work­er #1: You mean you just blind­ly put that on your bagel?
Co-work­er #2: What else would make it or­ange?
Co-work­er #1: …Um…orange?
Co-work­er #2: Yeah, what else is or­ange but pump­kin?

225 Bush Street
San Fran­cis­co, Cal­i­for­nia

Um, This Is a Fu­ner­al Home, Ed.

Cube mate: “are we fo­cus­ing on sell­ing pump­kins or hairdry­ers?”

400 Rar­i­tan Park­way, Edi­son NJ

Over­heard by: Pig­Pen

Now What the Hell Are We Gonna Do about Our In­fec­tion Rate?

Cow­boy #1 look­ing at catered lunch: Well, they sure did­n’t leave us any knives or any­thing to use with these cold cuts!
Cow­boy #2: You’re right!
Cow­boy #1: I’d use mine, but I don’t know if it’s been rinsed this week… Ha­ha!
Cow­boy #2: Ha­ha! Mine ei­ther!
Cow­boy #1: Ha­ha, yeah, and I know where mine’s been!

Hos­pi­tal con­fer­ence room
Twin Falls, Ida­ho