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You Should Come This Sun­day

Boss: Call it ‘team en­vi­ron­ment,’ be­cause I don’t like the word ‘cul­ture.’ It re­minds me of that oth­er word. You know, what they call my church…?
Of­fice man­ag­er: [Stares in silence.]Boss: Cult! They call it a cult.


It’s My Pre­rog­a­tive

Sales man­ag­er: Did you hear Whit­ney died?
Di­rec­tor: Who?
Sales man­ag­er: Whit­ney Hous­ton.
Di­rec­tor: Oh, I don’t care, she’s a cracked out whore.
Sales man­ag­er: She was­n’t al­ways a cracked out whore.
Di­rec­tor: I’m a what-have-you-done-for-me-late­ly kind of guy.

Fort Mill, South Car­oli­na

With­out Laugh­ing My Ass Off

Cowork­er an­gri­ly hang­ing up: Geez! What is wrong with these cus­tomers?! I’m try­ing to watch a co­lo-rec­tal com­e­dy on UTUBE!

2600 Van Bu­ren Street
Nor­man, Ok­la­homa

Over­heard by: Ni­na