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Not Having to Listen to Cher Is Worth Paying Out-of-Pocket.

Male employee, angry about benefits: So my live-in girlfriend is not a domestic partner but Steve's* boyfriend is?
HR generalist: Yes, that's right. Domestic partners are same sex partners, that is the policy.
Male employee: So if my girlfriend became my boyfriend I could put her on my insurance?
HR generalist: Yes, if she grows a penis and discovers a deep abiding love for Cher, she can be on your insurance.
Male employee: Really?
HR generalist: (sighs)

Skokie, Illinois

The Most Racy Thing an Engineer Has Ever Said

Engineer #1: Can I borrow these probes?
Engineer #2: Are you going to bring them back?
Engineer #1: Yeah, sure.
Engineer #2: Probes never come back. There’s like a probe-hole somewhere. Like the same place socks go in the laundry.
Engineer #1: … Did you just say ‘probe-hole’?
Engineer #2: Ummm… Yes.

Rochester, New York

Um, You Missed a Spot

Male coworker: I hit myself in the face a lot until I figured it out.

Raleigh, North Carolina