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Well That'll Get Me Nowhere

Senior worker: Here, put this old information into the new database so we can clear out the clutter in the back room.
Junior worker: This is a floppy disk.
Senior worker: So?
Junior worker: So who has a floppy drive anymore?!
Senior worker: I'm sure someone here has a floppy drive. Just ask around.
(five minutes later)
Junior worker, shouting across office: Jack's got a place you can stick your floppy!


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And What Is Your Plan for Keeping It from Them?

Analyst: I can give you the numbers in those divisions, but you can’t go public with it.
Marketing manager: I’m not going to go public with it, just present it at a meeting.
Analyst: Who’s going to be at the meeting?
Marketing manager: It’s a stakeholder meeting. So, whoever wants to, you know. It’s open to the public.

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