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Like “Queer”

Coworker #1 (talking about the newly designed official computer desktop wallpapers): I don’t like the word “zero” in the wallpaper. It’s like such a negative number!
Coworker #2: It’s not negative if it’s used in a positive way.

Shubhada Building

Overheard by: M

Jenny Talia and Jenn Italia Were Happy to Hear It

Employee #1: We can't have two people named jenn on our team! People will get confused as to who is assisting them.
Employee #2: Well, what should we call them then?
Employee #3/jenn: What if we just go by young jenn and old jenn?
Employee #4/jenn: I don't want to be known as old jenn! How about big jenn and tiny jenn.
Employee #3/jenn: It dosen't really matter to me.
Employee #2: Big jenn kind of reminds me of big ben. Are you going to start talking in a british accent?
Employlee #4/jenn: Oh good heavens, no! What if we just go by tj for tiny jenn and bj for… Oh. Um… Maybe I'm okay with old jenn after all.
Employee #3/jenn: [uncontrollable laughter].
Employee #2: I don't get it.
Employee #1: On that note, I think our clients can just get over it… Jenn and jenn it is!

Lincoln, NE

Overheard by: Ohwow