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In Reality, He's a Different Kind Of Hole.

Middle aged male boss: Eat these last two donuts.
Attractive female peon: 70% of how you look is what you eat, and I don't want donuts on my butt.
Middle aged male boss: I think she just called me donut-hips.

Columbia, South Carolina

Tonight on Discovery's Dirty Jobs

Employee #1 to boss: Oh, what the fuck?! It smells like shit up there!
Boss, laughing: You farted!
Employee #1: No, I did not!
Employee #2: Duuude! Some kid just shit on the carpet!
Boss: No! Shut the fuck up!
Employee #1: Oh, come on! Two months ago some kid pissed on the carpet, and now we got some fucker who shit on the carpet?!
Employee #1: He really shat?
Employee #2: He had diarrhea or something.

Los Angeles, California