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The One That Looks Like a Penis

Phone room worker to respondent: Hi, I’m calling from XYZ Research*, and we’re doing a survey on Canadian politics. May I speak with a male who’s 18 or older? … Well, are you a male? A male. A male is a man… Do you have a penis? A penis? It’s the male genitalia… Great. First, what province do you live in?


Overheard by: phone room peon

First Name “Petty,” Last Name “Cash”

Coworker #1: Apparently boston is the second best city to find a sugar daddy.
Coworker #2: Oh?
Coworker #2's father, the cfo: She already has one.

Union Street
Newton Centre, Massachusetts

Overheard by: Front Desk

Um, I Think That's an Old Tomato.

VP on phone: I know, I'm starving… I just ate one of those, uh what do you call a peach and a plum? Yeah, a pluot.

Yahoo! Center
Santa Monica, California