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Last Time You Were in There, You Commented Cattily on Everyone's Attire!

Female shop assistant: Sorry sir, but you'll have to stand outside. These changing rooms are for women only.
Cocky Spaniard: So?
Female shop assistant: You're a man.
Cocky Spaniard: But I'm gay!
Female shop assistant: That's not really my problem, sir. Please wait outside.

Massimo Dutti Store

Overheard by: Keep Digging!

Get Out the Bear Mace, Sweetie

Passenger: My daughter is burning that DVD for you. I’ll drop it by when she’s done it.
Station worker: Thanks! You really don’t have to.
Another mother, to her toddler: Sound’s like someone’s breaching copyright!

Turramurra Station

Overheard by: Andrew

The Next Thing You Know, Old Jed's a Millionaire

Accounting manager on phone to accountant: I will need you to watch The Beverly Hillbillies season 1 finale, and submit full character synopsis by COB… Yes, it's a priority. Thank you.

Dallas, Texas