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Last Time You Were in There, You Com­ment­ed Cat­ti­ly on Every­one’s At­tire!

Fe­male shop as­sis­tant: Sor­ry sir, but you’ll have to stand out­side. These chang­ing rooms are for women on­ly.
Cocky Spaniard: So?
Fe­male shop as­sis­tant: You’re a man.
Cocky Spaniard: But I’m gay!
Fe­male shop as­sis­tant: That’s not re­al­ly my prob­lem, sir. Please wait out­side.

Mas­si­mo Dut­ti Store

Over­heard by: Keep Dig­ging!

Get Out the Bear Mace, Sweet­ie

Pas­sen­ger: My daugh­ter is burn­ing that DVD for you. I’ll drop it by when she’s done it.
Sta­tion work­er: Thanks! You re­al­ly don’t have to.
An­oth­er moth­er, to her tod­dler: Sound’s like some­one’s breach­ing copy­right!

Tur­ra­mur­ra Sta­tion

Over­heard by: An­drew

The Next Thing You Know, Old Jed’s a Mil­lion­aire

Ac­count­ing man­ag­er on phone to ac­coun­tant: I will need you to watch The Bev­er­ly Hill­bil­lies sea­son 1 fi­nale, and sub­mit full char­ac­ter syn­op­sis by COB… Yes, it’s a pri­or­i­ty. Thank you.

Dal­las, Texas

Things Go in There and Are Nev­er Seen Again

Work­er #1: Well, you’ll need to just put it in Lucy’s* box.
Work­er #2: True… Is she here to­day?
Work­er #1: Yes. Just go up to her of­fice and put it in her box or ask her where else she wants it.
Work­er #2: Her box is al­ways so full! But I’ll dig around and find some room.

Bloom­ing­ton, In­di­ana