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You Know, I Have the Same Prob­lem at Home

Em­ploy­ee (dur­ing glob­al tele­con­fer­ence with CEO): I don’t have a ques­tion, but I just want­ed to thank you for the op­por­tu­ni­ty to work here. Al­though I am deaf, it has­n’t stopped me from hav­ing a chance of prov­ing my­self.
CEO: I ap­pre­ci­ate your com­ment. That is a sub­ject that is near and dear to my heart, since I have a son who is deaf.
Em­ploy­ee: What?

New Jer­sey

Over­heard by: Snick­er­ing

4PM Fi­nal­ize Con­tracts with New Ac­count

Ven­dor: Hey, can you do me a huge fa­vor?
Boss: Sure, what do you need?
Ven­dor: I am try­ing to land this ac­count, and the guy won’t sign with me un­less you sleep with him.
Boss: I am not go­ing to sleep with him! Wait a sec­ond, is he cute? Does he have lots of mon­ey?
Ven­dor: No.
Boss: Well, okay but just this once.

3663 S. Las Ve­gas Boule­vard
Las Ve­gas, Neva­da

Over­heard by: Rick