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Just a Little One That Will Change the Way I See Things

Female customer: My sunglasses are broken. One of the screws fell out, and a guy in here yesterday said they would replace them with a new pair.
Woman behind counter: Oh, I remember you. You’re just looking for a screw, right?
Female customer, after entire store stops laughing: Aren’t we all, really?

1051 North Rush Street
Chicago, Illinois

Overheard by: Standing behind you

One Hundred Dollars— a Special Deal for You

Customer: What price tickets do you have available?
Call center rep: $70, $60, and $35.
Customer: Okay…(long pause) What tickets do you still have though?
Call center rep: Um…70 dollar tickets, 60 dollar tickets, and 35 dollar tickets.
Customer: Okay… (pause) But how much are the tickets that you have left?

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Overheard by: Kathy

No, That’s Question #15

Nurse, pointing to birth control questionnaire: Ma’am, I think you answered this question incorrectly.
15-year-old girl: No, that’s right.
Nurse: It asks how long you’ve been with your current partner. You said five minutes.
15-year-old girl: That’s how long it took.

616 Court Street
Los Angeles, California

Overheard by: Vicky

10AM Prepare Proofs

Manager: How many did [the client] say he wanted?
Secretary: He said none for this month, but he’ll print next month, so send him a proof for March.
Manager: February?
Secretary: No, not this month, next month: March.
Manager: February?

11071 Main Street
Cincinnati, Ohio