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…Did It Just Get Hot In Here?

Coworker to patron: I really need to whack them all off, but it is just so much work.
Patron to coworker: I whacked mine off this weekend. It was a lot of work, but now it will last longer.

Middletown, VA

The Way Hamsters Eat While They Nap

Woman #1: Oh my god! My husband sent me three dozen roses for no reason!
Woman #2: Wow, someone really wants a blowjob.
Boss: Hey, you can’t say ‘blowjob’! We have young interns working here!
Woman #2: Are you serious? Those intern sluts give blowjobs in their sleep.

New Jersey

Looks Like Those Undies Were Already Stamped

Co-worker: Can you notarize something for me?
Accounting supervisor: Got any money?
Co-worker: Nope.
Accounting worker-bee: Then you must take off your pants, get on the empty chair and dance for us.
Co-worker: Really?
Entire accounting department: Really.
Co-worker: Are tightie whities okay?

2200 Broening Highway
Baltimore, Maryland