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Then I Huff Glue in the Supply Closet and Cheer Right Up

Agent #1: I am really upset today about something I saw on the History Channel…
Agent #2: Was it about Nazis?
Agent #1: No, it was about the universe. There are theories out there that say the universe will end in about five billion years.
Agent #2: And that upsets you? Why?
Agent #1: Well, if it is all just going to up and end one day, then what’s the point of me doing all this paperwork bullshit?
Agent #2: Oh, I know, it really gets to me too, sometimes.

Washington, DC

1PM Lunch

Health Exec: You working late?
Tech Exec: Nah, downloading porn. You?
Health Exec: Oh, you know it. Nursing administration porn. Woo-hoo!
Tech Exec: Send some my way. I’ll send you some telecommunications porn.
Health Exec: “Oh baby, show me your phone. Let me see your router.” Good times.

595 Market Street
San Francisco, California